Creating Saved Boards

What Is This Feature?

Saved Boards in the Insights App are dashboards that show you data on your organization’s activity in Kapost.

Add different types of chartsto your boards to create visualizations of the data that’s most critical for you to track, analyze, and report on. Your board charts can be customized with filters that enable you to narrow down the data for your content, initiatives, and feature adoption in Kapost.  

How It Helps

Your customizable Insights boards provide the data to answer key questions in your content operation: How are you analyzing coverage and gaps in your content strategy? What types of content does your content inventory contain? Do your initiatives target your key personas?

There are three types of charts to add to your Boards: Initiative Charts, Content Charts, and Adoption Charts. Use these charts based on the category your questions fall into, and then make data-driven decisions to inform your marketing strategies and objectives. These charts provide data largely based on the tags on your content and initiatives, so data quality is dependent on how broadly your taxonomy is filled out in your Kapost instance.

Best Practices 

  • Set up your saved boards so that each one answers a set of business questions. For example, if you want an in-depth look at your inventory, add multiple content and initiative inventory charts together to one board.
  • Control who can and can’t access your saved boards. Manage access on your boards so that they’re visible, and sometimes editable, to key stakeholders for the metrics in the boards.
  • Customize your Saved Boards so their charts appear in the order you want them to. Choose the order of charts for your data journey by using the arrows in the top right corner of each chart to move it up or down on your board. new1.gif

How It Works

Navigate to the Insights app in your top navigation and click on the Saved Boards tab. 

If you’re here for the first time, click on the Get Started button to create your first board and add charts. If you’ve already created a board or have access to one, click on the circular green + sign on the top right corner of the page to create new boards.

In the Create New Board modal, fill out the information for your new board. Enter a title, a board color, and add a description. This information can be updated later.


Once you click the Create board button, you'll enter your board.  

Now, you’ll add one or more Content Charts, Initiative Charts, or Adoption Charts, depending on the data you want to see.


You can also add a new chart from within a board by clicking the Add Chart button, located at the top left-hand side of the page when you’re editing a board. 


Once you choose the type of chart (content, initiative, or adoption) you want to add to a board, select which chart of that type to create from the available tabs. 

For detailed information on each type of chart from each tab you can add to your boards, read this article.

The tabs for Content Charts are Inventory, Operations, Internal Reach, and External Reach:


The tabs for Initiative Charts are Inventory and Operations:


The tab for Adoption Charts is Members:


To switch to a different type of chart within the modal, click on the chart type at the top of the modal to open a drop-down list of chart types. Or, click the Select a different chart type link under the chart options.


You can add multiple charts at one time from any tab within a board in Insights. Add the same chart multiple times, or multiple different charts.


Board Settings

To edit a board, click on the Edit icon at the top of the page.


In edit mode, click on the Settings icon to expand the Board Settings sidebar. Use this sidebar to update your board’s description, its color, and add its current charts.


Update the board title by clicking the text field and typing in the title.


Click the green Save button to record your changes.


Chart Settings

Once you've added a chart to a board, use the settings sidebar to make adjustments and add or remove filters. Expand the settings area by clicking on a chart when you’re editing a board.


Each chart has different filter options you can use to narrow down the data for your content, initiatives, and feature adoption in Kapost.

Click the green Save button to record your changes.

To leave edit mode, or leave a board view and return to your Saved Boards tab in Insights, click on the arrow next to the board’s title.



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