Initiative Catalog Bulk Actions: Add Tags, Duplicate, and More

Anytime you can take actions in Bulk, there's an opportunity to be even more efficient.  Buried in the Initiative Bulk Actions menu there are several great features that will help you manage initiatives with more ease. Begin by navigating to the Initiative Catalog.  Choose the check box next to each initiative you'd like to take an action for and then chose the bulk actions menu.  The following options are available:




This will set an initiative to an archived status.  You can view it at anytime by searching for archived content, but it will be out of your day to day views.  Keep in mind that this does NOT archive the content within the initiative.  You'll want to use the bulk actions in the content catalog to do that.  


This will allow you to duplicate the initiative, all the content inside of that initiative, the field tags/values, as well as files to recreate a particular initiative/campaign in the future.  


This can't be undone so be careful!  You should consider deleting an initiative if it was created by mistake, is a duplicate, or will otherwise never be needed for future reference.  Choosing the archive feature is a great alternative.

Add Field Tags

This feature allows you to tag your Initiatives with values in bulk!  Choose Add Field Tags and then as many fields and corresponding values as desired.  You can select the optional checkbox to override all current tags for the fields, if necessary. This erases existing tags rather than just adding new.

Update Tasks 

This allows you to update tasks across multiple initiatives at once. You can update:

  • Deadline  
  • Owner(s) 
  • Completion

Steps to Bulk Edit Tasks

  1. Select the Initiatives you'd like to update tasks on
  2. Click the Bulk actions menu
  3. Select Update Tasks 

Note: After you click Update Tasks the window will display ALL tasks in All of the content assets or initiatives selected. 

5. Select the pencil icon on the task you'd like to update

6. Select task owner(s), task deadline or check the box to mark the task as complete. You can close out of the edit box and continue to edit more tasks. Any task you have edited will display as 'modified'.

7. After editing all tasks you wish to edit, select Update to apply changes.

Note: Any owner or deadline that is added will replace any existing owners or deadlines on the task after Update is selected.  

Set Stage

This allows you to update your initiatives to be planned, in progress, or complete in bulk.  Be sure to select the initiatives you'd like to adjust and then choose set stage under the bulk actions menu.


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