Custom Fields on Content and Initiatives

What Is This Feature?

Custom fields are tags that you apply to your content and initiatives in Kapost to organize them by their foundational purpose or objective.

They are a critical aspect of your experience using the Kapost platform: Your tags are how your team will find and report on the content and campaigns you execute.  

This article is relevant for all Kapost users. For configuration instructions, Kapost Admins should read this article on setting up custom fields and applying them to content and initiatives.

How It Helps

Custom fields enable you to find, organize, filter, and report on your content and initiatives in Kapost.

Custom fields impact all Kapost users. For Editors and Contributors, this data makes it easy to filter and find the correct pieces of content you’re working on. For Admins, in addition to find-ability, tags are crucial in ensuring clean data in Kapost for reporting and analytics.

Best Practices

When it comes to your custom fields, the most important best practice is to always ensure that your content and initiatives in Kapost have their custom fields completed.

If you do not know which custom fields to enter in when creating content or initiatives, use the activity feed to @mention your Kapost Admin or a team member who knows the correct tags to apply.

How It Works

Custom fields are set up when your organization first implements Kapost, so the content and initiatives you’re working on in Kapost will be configured with the appropriate custom fields for you to choose from.

Content Custom Fields

You’ll always find the area to enter in custom fields for your content below the body of content in Studio.


If custom field names have a red asterisk by them, that means your Kapost Admin has marked them as required to complete.

Initiative Custom Fields

Find the area to enter custom fields for your initiatives in the Details tab at the top of an initiative page you’re viewing.


The custom fields you’ll find here were determined by your Kapost Admin upon Kapost implementation.


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