Approve or Reject an Idea

Any user of Kapost has the ability to submit an idea. The idea can be only be approved or rejected by Admins or Editors. An unapproved article cannot be seen by a Contributor unless they themselves created it.

To find an idea, simply go to the Ideas tab. There are two places to approve or reject pending ideas.

  1. From the idea catalog (list view of ideas on the idea tab) Simply click approve or reject from the catalog view. Details below about steps after approving or rejecting.
  2. On the individual idea's page

Click the idea title to be brought to the idea's page. Delete, archive, approve, or reject the idea from this page.

Use the activity box to collaborate with other users. You can @mention users or simply leave a comment where the owner will be notified. The activity box can be used before and after the idea is approved or rejected. Note: You can only @mention contributors if they have created the idea. 

Reject the Idea

To reject, click the reject button. Choose to add a note to be sent to the submitter along with the rejection in the form of an email. The idea will still appear in the ideas catalog as rejected.  

Approve the Idea

To approve the idea, click approve. The idea will turn into a piece of content. You will be taken directly to the content page. Find the idea details in the Idea section at the top of the page. Click the + to expand this section. Click the idea hyper link to go back to idea page.

When you submit an idea, you’ll see an on-screen confirmation that your idea was successfully submitted after you click Submit.


You’ll be notified via email when your idea is either approved or rejected.


Depending on users’ notification settings, they’ll receive an email when someone in their organization submits an idea.

Once approved, you must change the asset into the appropriate content type to begin content creation. 

It is a best practice to change the idea into the appropriate content type once the idea is approved into content. 

For instance, if you want to move forward with a blog post idea, you will need to change the content type from the crowdsource form idea to the Blog post content type. This will allow you to move forward creating the blog post with the correct body, custom fields, and workflow. 

To do this scroll down to the "Additional Information" section, then click the dropdown menu to select the desired content type. 

Once you select the appropriate content type a popup window will appear asking you to choose how you'd like the workflow to appear on the new content asset.

It is a best practice to choose the option to replace the existing content type's workflow with the new content type's workflow. This will allow you to begin the new piece of content with the appropriate workflow for that content type. 

After this is done, you will be taken to that content type's individual asset page where you can begin working on the piece of content. The idea details will live above the content. Click the + symbol next to Idea to open this section. 

If the custom fields are the same on the new content type, the information will transfer over to the content area of the asset. If it does not, that information will still live in the idea section for that asset. No information will be lost. 

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