Manually Publish - When Not Connected To a Destination

Even if you don't have Kapost integrated with your CMS, you can still benefit from using Kapost's pre-production and workflow tools without being integrated to a CMS.

You can still mark a project as "published" to complete the last step in your workflow (you can also name it "mark as complete" for example).  If you're not connected to a publishing destination when you click the Publish button, a pop-up will appear.

This window will contain the HTML code of your blog post as it exists in Kapost. Copy and paste this code into your CMS then publish.  This HTML code also contains the Kapost Analytics code for tracking purposes.  This popup (shown above) also allows you to  mark your post as completed/published.

If you are connected to a publishing destination, but still wish to find the HTML code, click the "View Content HTML" button. 

This will take you to the pop-up mentioned above where you can also mark it as published. 

Once published in your CMS, don'd forget to Update the Published URL so that Kapost can track analytics on the asset.

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