Promotion: [URL] Vs. Shortened URL

You have two options on how to display the URL of a social promotion.

The first option is to use the published URL of the content asset. Once an asset is published, the URL will display at the top of that content asset's page. 

To use this URL during promotion, simply type "[URL]" in the promotion text section at the bottom for your post.  This will tell Kapost to automatically copy/paste the published URL into that space.

Kapost will insert the published URL into the promotional post. If you have published to multiple sites you will have multiple published URLs in which case you will be able to select the URL. See below:

If you would like to use a shortened link, simply copy and paste the URL into the shorten a link box. 

Click the shorten button and notice our link jump into the promotional box. 

The only difference between the two options for the URLs is that one is shortened which may be convenient for a Twitter post or a certain look you are going for on the published site. Either Kapost URL you choose, shortened or not, Kapost will track the analytics on the promotional post. 

Please note: You cannot use your own link if you want to track analytics on the promotional post. 

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