Integrate With Slideshare

To integrate with Slideshare, follow the directions in this article in the App Center - it will guide you through the first part of your integration.  

Once you have clicked on "Slideshare" in the App Center and directed it to your instance, a pop up will appear and you will be asked to enter your SlideShare credentials (e.g. your account).  Please note, under "username" you do not add the email username you use to log into slideshare - you use the username in your instance's slideshare URL.  For instance, if your slideshare URL is, you will enter "thisismyusername" into the username field. :

You will now see your SlideShare account in your list of destinations:

You are now connected. Please note, you can only connect slideshare as a primary destination to content types with Document body types.

If you want to send over data like description or tags with your document, you need to set up specific custom fields for the Slideshare post type. First you will need to go into your instance settings and click on the custom fields tab. You can "create" a new custom field at the bottom of this page.

For a slideshare description you can title the display whatever you desire. As for the field name, it will have to be this text exactly: "kapost_slideshare_description". The field type should be text and I chose multiline so that the person typing will have enough room for the full description. See Below:

You will need to repeat the same steps for Slideshare Tags. The Field Name will be "kapost_slideshare_tags".

If you wish to control whether your posts are published publicly or privately, you will need to set up a custom field for this as well.  The field name for this field should be "kapost_slideshare_privacy" and the Field Type should be "Drop down." You will need to make the drop down values "public" and "private."

Due to a limitation with Slideshare's API, we are not able to:

  1. 'Re-publish' slides after they are already published
  2. Gather analytics on in Kapost from Slideshare


Feel free to contact support at kapost dot com if you have any questions about your Slideshare integration.



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