Integrate with Box

To integrate with Box, go to the App Center in Settings and scroll down to "Install More Apps."  Click on "Box" and choose the instance you would like to hook it up to.  For more information, follow the directions in this article.

Once you've clicked "Box" and chosen the Kapost instance you wish to integrate, you will be sent to Box to sign in and "Allow" Kapost to access your Box Account:

Now, once connected, you can go to "Content Types and Workflows" in Settings and select Box as a primary destination for any of these body types:

  • Any File Type
  • Video
  • Photo
  • Document
  • Audio


Now when you publish your content to Box, you will be able to select which folder in your Box account you would like to send your post - whatever you choose is where the file will be sent.

Finally, you will be given the Publish URL which will link to Box:

Important Notes:

  • When sending assets to Box, they will only accept document assets from within Kapost (e.g. White Papers, Infographics, etc.). It cannot accept social or blog post content types/file types within Kapost.
  • For asset management, it is not recommended but it is possible to have multiple destinations setup in Kapost. In other words, you can have multiple primary destinations. i.e. You could publish a White Paper to Slideshare and Box from within the same project.
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