How to use Marketo in Kapost

This article is written to explain how to use this integration - for more information on setting up your integration, read this article.

Set up:

First, create a Marketo content type in your Content Types and Workflows Settings menu.  The Display Name and Field Name can be anything, but make sure you select Marketo Email as your body type.

Add your Marketo Email as your Primary Destination for this content type.


Creating an email:

Create a new Marketo email from your Create New Menu.  Your content page should look like this:

Click on the "Add Marketo Email" button.  A pop-up will appear that will allow you to enter search parameters for the email you want to add.  First, choose whether you want to search by email name or by program.  Type in your search keywords - this will open up the two drop down menus below it.

 If you searched by program, use the "Select Existing Program" menu to choose the program your email is a part of, then use the "Select Existing Email" to find your email.  For instance, if you searched for the "Solar Response" email in the below screenshot taken from Marketo, your would fill out your search box in Kapost to match the one below:


Once you click "select," Kapost will pull in the selected email from Marketo directly into your instance.


Once you have done this, you can work with the email in Kapost using the various functions on the "Email" drop down menu, pictured above.  Here is a breakdown of what each of these functions do:

Approve in Marketo: Selecting "Approve in Marketo" from the Email drop down will approve the email that is housed in Marketo, thus enabling you to move Marketo emails out of the draft phase from within your Kapost instance.

Edit in Marketo: This function will open up your Marketo instance so that you can edit it in Marketo.  You cannot edit a Marketo email within Kapost, but this function gives you easy access.  

Note:  Best practice for editing Marketo emails in Kapost is for one team member to build the email via custom fields in Kapost, have another team member use those fields to build the email in Marketo, and then pull the finished Marketo email back into Kapost for approval.

Send Test Email:  This function allows you to send a test email from Kapost.  When you select it, a pop-up will appear prompting you to fill in an email address of your choosing.  Choose where you want to send the test email, and click 'send.'

Note:  If you are using Dynamic Content, read this.

If you have any questions or feedback about editing Marketo emails in Kapost, feel free to email us at [email protected].

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