Integrate With A Custom CMS

 For customers that don't use a CMS that we integrate with, we provide two options:

  1. Customers can implement XML-RPC on their CMS.  If they implement XML-RPC, then we have an out of box solution that will allow Kapost to publish content directly to their CMS (see links below)
  2. Customers can implement our API.  In this case, customers will still use Kapost to create their content but when they click on the "Publish" button, instead of publishing the content directly to the customers' CMS, we would, using a webhook, ping the customer's CMS to let it know there is content ready to be published.  The customer would then use our API to pull the content out of Kapost and publish it on the CMS. (Note that customers will need to go back to Kapost to manually update their URLs so we can properly track analytics.) 


Setting this up in Kapost:

To set up your webhook destination in Kapost, visit the the webhooks page in your instance:




Developer resources, including XML-RPC and Kapost API information can be found here: 

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