Integrate with SoundCloud

Kapost offers support for SoundCloud so you can have an audio content type in your instance and then publish that audio to the SoundCloud platform.  To make this happen, you need to

  1. Connect Kapost to SoundCloud
  2. Add SoundCloud Custom Fields
  3. Making a SoundCloud Content Type

We'll go through each step in detail here. 

Connecting to SoundCloud

Go to the App Center in your Settings area.

Scroll down below existing connections and select Install More Apps.

Select the Soundcloud icon. 

Clicking that button will prompt you to allow Kapost to access your Soundcloud account.  If you aren't already logged into SoundCloud, you will be prompted to login.  

Once you've granted permission/logged in, SoundCloud will appear as a destination in your app center.

Add SoundCloud Custom Fields
This step is only necessary if you want to send to SoundCloud more than just an audio file and a title.  Kapost has support for additional items.  To enable this support, you need to create a custom field with a specific field value.  Then, when this custom field is filled in and submitted, we'll add that extra metadata into SoundCloud. 

The extra custom fields possible are:

  1. Title - the title for the content is the title used for the SoundCloud file. 
  2. Description - The will send over a description to SoundCloud. The custom field name should be "kapost_soundcloud_description"
  3. Cover Image - This will allow you to add an image to your SoundCloud file.  The custom field you should use should be an image custom field and the name of the custom field should be "kapost_soundcloud_coverimage".
  4. Type - This should be a dropdown so you can ensure you have the exact right fields, but the items you enter should be any value from the type dropdown in SoundCloud.  The name for the custom field in Kapost should be "kapost_soundcloud_type". We support: Other, One Shot Sample, Sound Effect, Loop, Stem, Work in Progress, Demo, Podcast, Spoken, Recording, Live, Remix, Original.
  5. Genre - This should also be a dropdown field. This will allow you to send over the genre with the audio file.  The name of the custom field should be "kapost_soundcloud_genre".
  6. Tags - To use SoundCloud tags, you should use the custom field name "kapost_soundcloud_tags".
  7. Sharing - You should use this custom field to determine if the audio file should be public or private.  You can use the dropdown custom field.  The name of the field should be "kapost_soundcloud_sharing" and the values should be "Public" and "Private".
  8. Set - This should be a dropdown field. This allows you to place the file into a set.  The file that is sent over will become the first item in the set.  Please keep in mind, these are cast sensitive so it must match EXACTLY with the name you have listed in Soundcloud for it to sync. The custom field name should be "kapost_soundcloud_set".
  9. Downloads - We allow you to enable downloads by choosing from a dropdown custom field, yes or no. The field name should be: kapost_soundcloud_downloadable

Learn how to create custom fields here. For example the description field should look like this: 

Making a SoundCloud Content Type
The final step is to create a content type for your SoundCloud connection.  Make sure the body type is Audio.  Then in the primary destination area, click to connect the SoundCloud connection.  


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