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Locking a piece of content comes in handy when it's at a point where you don't want it to be changed for a period of time, but it would be difficult to communicate that to everyone working on it.  This feature can only be enabled by Admins and Editors, and it makes it so that contributors can only view the post in read-only mode so that no unexpected changes will be made.

To do this, go to the piece of content you wish to lock and click on the "More" menu.  Scroll down to "lock" and click.


Once you have done this, the content will be put in read-only mode, and locked there for contributors.  Editors and Admins will still have the ability to publish, but contributors will only have the ability to review revisions.  This is what the above piece of content would look like to a contributor after being locked:



To unlock a piece of content, you must be an Admin or Editor.  Once again, go to the "More" menu, and this time click "Unlock."



If you have any questions about this feature, please sent them to us at [email protected].

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