Create a Custom Button in HTML Content

Custom buttons allow you to add a button to the text editor. These buttons can serve several purposes, including inserting HTML that the text editor doesn't offer and/or offering a quick way to add a string that your team uses frequently.  

To get started, go to "Settings" --> "Content" and scroll down to Custom Buttons.

There are two types of custom buttons - Strings and Tags.  


The String button works by inserting a string next to the spot where your cursor is located.  An example might be to add a <!--more--> string in the middle of your post - this would let Kapost know that this is the point where you would like your content to be cut off unless a reader clicks a "more" button.

To create a String button, click on the "string" option in the custom button box.  Choose the button's name, and add the string that you would like it to insert.

To use a string button, go to a piece of content and place your cursor where you would like the string to be added.  Go to the toolbar on your text editor and choose the "More" menu.

In this example, the user has used the custom button to add a "more" button to their post:

The script does not appear on the post itself, but does appear when you take a look at the post's source code:


To create a Tag button, select "Tag" in your custom button creator.  Choose a name for your button, and then tell Kapost what HTML tags you would like your start tag and end tag to be - these will be inserted and the beginning and end (respectively) of a piece of text you highlight.  For instance, if you wanted to add a Superscript tag, you would add <sup> as your start tag and </sup> as your end tag, as in HTML, <sup></sup> place around text creates a superscript.

To use the tag button, go to a piece of content and highlight some text in your text editor that you would like to be changed.  


When you click on your tag button (in this example, the "Superscript" button), the tags you specified will be added around the text and it will be changed accordingly.


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