Duplicate Content

Quickly duplicate content with a click from the More drop-down menu in Kapost. Any content type can be duplicated, and content at any stage (Planned, In-Progress, or Complete) can be duplicated.  

  • You can duplicate a content asset from the content details page More drop-down menu.
  • Duplicate multiple content assets from the Content Catalog by selecting the content to duplicate and selecting Duplicate from the More drop-down menu.


When you're duplicating multiple pieces of content in bulk in the Content Catalog, copies of the content will appear when you click Duplicate. The copies will have (COPY) next to their titles. If the new duplicate content is a duplicate of a copy, then you'll see (COPY) (COPY) next to the title to indicate the number of times the content has been duplicated. 


On duplicated content:

  • The person who duplicated will be the new creator.
  • Fixed workflow task deadlines (not tasks based on smart deadline actions taken) will be carried over to the new copy.
  • The workflow tasks and stage will be reset to incomplete and planned stage.
  • Attachments and the latest version of the body will be brought over.
  • Your duplicated content won't include any comments or history from the original content.

Once you have your new duplicate content, you can edit it as needed from its title, business unit, and custom fields. Duplicating content is especially useful when you need to localize content for the different regions the content will be distributed in.

When you duplicate a piece of content, you can apply a prefill to the new copy of the content. This is helpful when you duplicate a piece of content that another team or group created and want to ensure that your team’s data is applied to the new content.

If prefills are configured for specific content types in your platform, you’ll see a modal that will give you the option of applying a prefill to your new content when you duplicate it.

  • If you’re duplicating content in bulk, you won’t see this modal. The modal only appears when one piece of content is duplicated.
  • When in doubt about the values, don’t apply a prefill to your duplicate content. It’s better to fill in your custom field values manually than apply inaccurate values.




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