Control Content Visibility

Setting Default Visibility

Admins can set default visibility settings for Contributors in the Content area in your settings. Scroll down to the Visibility section where you can choose to make all newly created content visible by default to Contributors, along with Editors and Admins.

Or, you can choose to make content only visible and accessible to Contributors if they're the content author or have a workflow task. Admins can also choose to make all content retroactively accessible by Contributors.


Once the default is set, you still have the ability to change the visibility of an individual asset.
Newly added Contributors will only be able to see content added after they were added.

Adjusting Visibility on a Post Page

Content always begins as either private or public to members, depending on the default visibility selected in Settings.

In the Visibility section of the page, you can select who can view the page. If a user is an owner of a task, they're automatically added to the visibility section and can't be removed.

Adjusting Bulk Visibility 

If you want to give one or several members visibility on more than one in-progress piece of content, you can add them via the bulk visibility tool on the content feed. Go to the content feed, click "bulk actions" and choose "Add Visibility."


Admins and Editors can access, create, and edit any Initiative. Contributors can only see Initiatives that contain content on which they have visibility, or if they were made an owner of that Initiative.

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