Navigating the Calendar

What Is This Feature?

Kaposters use the Kapost Calendar to see important workflow dates for their content and initiatives. You can filter your calendar views and create saved views to customize your calendar and share specific views with relevant stakeholders. View daily, weekly, or monthly timeframes on your calendar to stay on top of you and your team's planned work.

How It Helps

The calendar tracks dates associated with your planned, in-progress, and complete content and initiatives. These dates can then be shared with fellow Kaposters in your instance as well as with external stakeholders. And, once shared, the dates automatically along with workflow task deadlines, ensuring that your publish dates and editorial calendar are always up-to-date.

How It Works

To access your calendar, click on the Calendar icon in the lefthand navigation bar:

The default view will display the current month and any filters applied to your task view (called "My Tasks" unless renamed). 

Based on the filters you select, your calendar view will populate with details about planned, in-progress, and complete content as well as people who have tasks in the content workflow.

There are buttons above your calendar that enable you to customize and control your calendar and saved views.

  • Save as New enables you to create a new saved calendar view with any active filters. Read this article for information on filtering the calendar and creating saved views.
  • Delete will get rid of a saved calendar view you do not need.
  • Manage access enables you to share a saved calendar view you create and own with individuals or groups who need that insight, including external users who aren't part of your Kapost instance. Read more about Manage Access functionality here.
  • The Day, Week, and Month buttons enable you to set which calendar display view you want to see. Read more about date range view options here.
  • The Filters button will display how many active filters are applied to your current calendar view. Click on the Filters button to access the filters available, along with tasks and milestones. Find more information on calendar filters here.
  • Clicking on Clear filters will get rid of any active filters you've applied to your calendar.
  • The Export icon will export a calendar view to you (more info here). Once you click on the export icon, you'll have options to download, subscribe, or receive a CSV file of the calendar:

  • Use the legend icon on the top righthand side of the calendar to display a color-coded legend that differentiates categories within your filters. Select the color-coded criteria to toggle them on and off:

Find the URL for a published content asset in the Calendar preview pane in Studio and click through to the it quickly.


Kapost best practice: Make your calendar views work for you by creating Calendar Saved Views! 

Access these saved views by opening the dropdown menu of views. Mark a Calendar Saved View as a Favorite by clicking the box next to the view name, which will turn into a heart; that Favorite view will now appear at the top of your Calendar Saved Views list. 

Your Calendar Saved Views list will show you who else can access that view based on the icon to the right of the view name. Click on the icon for additional detail:

Name your Calendar Saved Views and assign them a color to easily organize them per your preferences: 

Kaposters can view content details on the Calendar by clicking on content to expand it without leaving your calendar view. The expanded view will display the status of the content (planned, in-progress, or complete), the next task in the workflow and who it is assigned to (and whether or not it has been completed), the content itself, and an arrow next to the content's title that enables you to click through to that content in Studio. 

Keep in mind: 

  • Tasks with strike-through text represent tasks that have been checked off in the workflow.
  • The blue hyperlinked text is the title of the content or initiative asset; it may be truncated due to space limitations.
  • The icon represents the content asset type.
  • The tile sidebar color represents available legend filters.


Kaposters can change content workflow dates by dragging and dropping content on a calendar. When a content asset is moved to new day, its associated task deadline will be updated to reflect the calendar:


Learn more about editing and previewing content in the calendar here


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