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With Kapost's SEO functionality enabled, you can enter the target terms and keywords that you want your site to use as much as possible. These Targeted Keywords are terms you want to be associated with your company. By putting these words in your content, you are making it so that your content is more likely to be picked up in Google searches for that word, thus associating it with your company.

Optimizing your content for search consists of many components.  These components are: 

  1. Identifying keywords that you want your content to target.
  2. Making sure these keywords improve your site's PageRank for those keywords.
  3. Ensuring that the content you write has these keywords.
  4. Ensuring that the content you write follows SEO best practices such as including links, meta-description, and correct length.

Customize your SEO feature so that it tracks the keywords most important to you in each piece of HTML content you publish. While the SEO section is surfaced in Kapost in HTML content in Studio, it will not surface in Studio content like PDFs that publish to Drupal.


Setting up SEO in Kapost:

To set up SEO in Kapost, go to the SEO tab in your Settings menu on the left Navigation bar:


On the SEO page, you'll set up the plugins that you wish to use for each of your sites. Plugins are used to map SEO data from Kapost to your CMS.

Currently, Kapost allows you to use: 

  • Yoast (WordPress) -- custom fields
  • All in One SEO (WordPress) -- custom fields
  • Genesis Theme SEO (WordPress)
  • SEO Ultimate (WordPress)
  • Metatag (Drupal 7)

You'll need to tell Kapost which keywords you wish to target. To begin this setup, make sure the "Enable SEO on Content check box is checked.


Now, you can enter different Targeted Keywords for each destination. To add a word, type it into the textbox and hit "Add Keyword" and it will appear on the list. Keywords added here will be selectable as Focus Keywords on content. If your CMS supports Focus Keywords, they will be mapped on publish.


After setting up all your Targeted Keywords for each destination, set up your alert settings. There are two check boxes. We recommend having both enabled to optimize your SEO.


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