Add Members to an Org

Kapost's Organization (or, Org) feature allows you to have one major organization "parent" view that's an aggregate, read-only view and multiple "children" instances that act as stand-alone Kapost instances. The Org view allows you to see the children activity, aggregate members, aggregate analytics, and aggregate editorial calendar. 

  • Each Org and child instance can have three different types of members with different levels of access within Kapost: Contributors, Editors, and Admins. (Learn more about member roles and responsibilities here.)
  • Admins can invite members to a child instance within an Org, giving them the ability to see and work only in that instance. Alternatively, Org-level Admins can invite members to the Org and give them access to multiple child instances. This will give the members the ability to see and work in multiple child instances under the Org without actually seeing the Org. 
  • If you're a member of the Org, you can seamlessly jump to all your children and be members of all the children. If you prefer certain people only be members of children, go to that child instance and invite them only to that one. This allows for more flexibility around who sees what.
  • If a user is added as a member of a child instance, that member can only view content within that instance. If a user is added as a member of an Org instance, that user will be able to access that Org and any child instance. If a user is added as a contributor in the Org, they will be able to log in and access any child instance as a contributor, and the same behavior applies if they are added to the organization as an editor or admin.
  • Org-level members cannot create or edit content within the Org instance. Content creation only happens in the child instances. You can copy content between child instances (help article). 

Need more background? Read this article about how Orgs are designed to work.

Now you're ready to add new Org members.

In your Org (parent) instance, click the Members icon to access all the members available to add to instances. This takes you to the Members page where you'll be able to view and manage your team members. Here, you can search for members, view their role, the child Instance(s) they work in, and the date of their latest activity in Kapost.

Use the search bar to find members you're looking for. You can also filter your member list by member name, role, or latest activity in ascending or descending order.

To add an existing member to an instance and set their role, select their row's box and click on "Manage memberships" in the More drop-down menu.

To add a new member, click the green Add Members button to add a new member to an instance in their respective role. Type in the email addresses of the members you would like to add and send an invite. You can also customize this invite if you'd like. Separate multiple email addresses with a comma. 


For more information on pulling member data, read this article with the steps to export members into a CSV file which includes members' names, email addresses, latest activity date, which child instances they're members of, and if they're suspended or pending.





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