View, Favorite, Download or Share from a Collection

All content assets in the Collection display in thumbnail views. Use the icons under the thumbnail for quick access to download, share, or favorite. 

Note Icons May Vary:

  • The favorite icon is only available if the user is logged in as an authenticated user of Kapost. 
  • The Share icon is only available if a Kapost Admin has made the asset sharable and there is a URL to be shared. 
  • The Download icon is only available if a Kapost Admin has made the asset downloadable and there is a document to be downloaded. 

To view the asset you can also hover over the thumbnail and select View More. 

Once you click View More, you will be taken to the content details page.

Content details include:

  • Title
  • Content Type in Studio
  • First Published Date
  • Last Modified Date
  • Settings Wheel for Kapost Admins to edit the content asset details. 
  • Body of Content (if applicable)
  • Published URL (if applicable) - Click COPY to copy link to clipboard. 
  • Gallery - Click COPY to copy link to clipboard. 
  • Notes or talking points
  • Custom fields (metadata tags) - Click the + sign to expand.
  • Collections where the content asset exists - Click the + sign to expand.

Click the Favorite icon  to add the content to your personal favorites folder. The number next to the heart icon represents how many times the asset has been favorited by authenticated Kapost users. 

If settings are enabled you will see icons for downloading and/or sharing the content.

Click Download to download the content to your computer. Click Share to distribute content via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Email. 

Note: You must enter the required information once one of the destination icons above is selected. The information needed to share a content asset is listed in the table below.










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