Gallery Settings: Adding and Editing Content

Kapost Admins and Editors can add completed content to their Gallery. Content can be added to the Gallery one piece at a time or bulk uploaded, and put into Bundles depending on your permissions. 

If you elected to use the Bulk Upload package, you can upload multiple content assets at once. Contact your Kapost Customer Success Implementation Team with questions. 

Uploading Content from an Initiative 

When the content in an initiative is complete, you can add one or multiple content assets at once with the "Add to Gallery" bulk action in the initiative's content tab.


The “Remove from Gallery” bulk action does this action in reverse. Use this when you need to refresh and repurpose Gallery content (and then use “Add to Gallery” when the content’s ready to be used across your company!).

Steps to Upload a Content Asset

1.  Begin by selecting the Manage Content button from a Gallery Collections page.


2.  From the Gallery Manage Content page, with the All Content option selected, use the upload icon to upload your content assets. 

3.  Specify the content asset to upload. Use the drag and drop method, or select the choose a file option to select a file from a browser file selection window. To select a file using a URL click into the URL field and type a valid URL address. Click Import Content.

4.  Click Done or the X to see the asset you've uploaded. 

Uploaded content assets are added to the top of the All Content view. Settings specific to the content asset are then specified using the cog icon on the right of the content asset line item.

You can change the name of a content asset, set permissions, specify a valid content type, establish custom fields/values, upload a thumbnail image, and specify notes for the content asset.

Steps for Specifying Content Details

1.  Click the settings icon on the individual content asset.

2.  Select the pencil icon to the right of the content asset name to modify the name. Highlight and edit the current name to make changes. Click Save. 

3.  Choose the Permission options for download and share.

Download and Share are on/off options. Download requires there to be a document uploaded to the main body of the content asset (as opposed to HTML content). Sharing requires a piece of content to have a published URL. When content is completed in Studio and uploaded to a Gallery Collection, it is not automatically published. You must give the content a URL in Studio.

Sharing also has Advanced Settings.  You can turn sharing on but identify which channels content should be shared through.  Click on Advanced next to the share option and and check the boxes to determine which options should be available.  For more information about about advanced sharing please click here.

4.  Change the content type from kapost_unassigned (internal field name used for uploading gallery content) to the more appropriate content type that aligns with the content asset. 

5.  Specify the custom field values to add to the content asset. Click on Select above the horizontal line to select the name of the custom field. Click on Select... below the horizontal line to specify the value(s) for the custom field. To add more custom fields/values to the content asset click on the +Add a Content Field option and repeat the selection steps.

6.  Select a thumbnail photo or image to upload. Thumbnail images display on the content asset in a Gallery Collection. To select an image click on the Browse icon and select the file from the browser file manager window. 150 X 150 px images display the best.

7.  Add note for the content asset by clicking into the notes field. Use the formatting options to format the notes.

Bulk Actions for Updating Content

Content assets can be selected in the All Content listing prior to selecting the bulk action to enable downloading or sharing. Selecting one or more content assets from the All Content listing will enable the bulk action dropdown menu.


Advanced sharing options will pop up in a window after you select Allow Content to be Shared.



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