Member Permissions

Kapost supports four main types of members: Admins, Editors, Contributors, and Consumers. Admins and Editors are considered "Planner users" in Kapost.

To learn about Email Approver Feature click on the linked article. 

Below is a breakdown of each role's permissions by product.


Consumers do not have access to the Studio.

  Contributors Editors Admins
Access to Settings     x
Publish Content (this can be adjusted in Settings) x x x
Check off tasks that are assigned to them x x x
Edit tasks in workflow   x x
Create ideas/content x x x
Approve/Reject Ideas   x x
View unapproved ideas   x x
Editing content assigned to them x x x
Editing other’s content   x x
Invite/Manage users     x
Viewing all content analytics (depends on settings)    x x
Viewing their own analytics x x x
Create initiatives   x x
Edit initiatives without being owner
or without owning content tasks
within initiative
  x x
Export Calendar    x x
Share Calendar Views   x x
Delete Shared Views   x x
See the Custom Reports Tab   x x
See the Canvas Tab   x x


If newly created content is set to be private, a contributor can only see tasks they are assigned to in a shared view. 

Contributors can only see content that is created after they are invited to an instance. Past content will not be visible to them until they are assigned to a workflow task or as an author of the content. 

An Admin can control contributor's visibility on content in a variety of ways.  To read more about contributor visibility and how to control it, read this article on visibility in Kapost.


Consumer users are able to consume and view content in the gallery. They can:

  • Access the content gallery from a shared Collections Group URL or from an embedded view in SFDC or your own portal. 
  • Build a favorites folder and share customer-facing content through email and social media channels.
  • Submit ideas for Admin review from a shared Gallery Collection Group Page. 
  Contributors Editors Admins 
Access to Settings  


Access to Gallery within Kapost x x x
Access to Externally Shared Galleries x x x
Submit ideas from a Gallery Collection Group Page x x x
Add content to Gallery   x x


Note: Admins and Editors can enable external access to public Collection Groups depending on how the gallery is set up. Please refer to these help articles for more information on the Kapost Content Gallery.


Consumer Users do not have access to Insights. 

  Contributors Editors Admins
Access to Insights   x x
Access to Analytics on Individual Assets x x x

Only editors and admins have access to the Insights page, but all members can see analytics on individual posts in the stats section.


Consumer Users do not have access to Members. 

  Contributors Editors Admins
Access to Members Page x x x
Ability to delete members     x
Ability to add members     x
Ability to accept member requests     x
Ability to change membership roles     x
Ability to edit other member's profiles     x
Ability to edit own profiles x x x
Ability to edit own email address   x x

Admins are responsible for inviting additional members to instances and approving membership requests.  The Admin is also responsible for determining each member's role. 

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