Suspend or Remove Members

What Is This Feature?

Kapost Admins can remove or suspend members from your Kapost instance which prevents them from being able to log in or access any resources. When someone is suspended or removed, initiatives, content, tasks, and anything else users are owners of, or have edit and view access to, can be reassigned to other, active members.

How It Helps

Turnover is a fact of life for every business, and marketers are not exempt. Kapost Admins can designate a team member who has left or no longer needs access to marketing resources as a "suspended member," and then easily reassign work to other team members when it makes the most sense (i.e., you don't have to make a decision on who should own all of Bill's in-progress content right when Bill leaves). Then, when the time is right, you can remove Bill from your instance (bye, Bill). Whether Bill is suspended or removed, he won't be able to get access to Kapost.

How It Works: Suspend Members

When an employee leaves the organization or doesn't need access to Kapost anymore, Admins can:

  • Suspend any member or multiple members at once. When someone is suspended, they will not be able to log in or access Kapost resources.
  • View which members have been suspended and, individually or in bulk, reassign their work to a different user. This includes any planned or in-progress content or initiatives they own, incomplete tasks, default task assignments, and anything they've been given access to via manage access.

All users can:

  • See work that belongs to the suspended member because anything that has not been reassigned will still show as being owned by that user. "(Suspended)" will be appended to their username wherever it's visible (particularly helpful when you need to retain a record of what they had on their plate).
  • Access updated analytics on active accounts (excluding suspended members) to assess adoption of your key content processes.

To access these features as an Admin, click the Members icon in the top navigation bar to go to the Members page in your instance:

Here, Admins can easily see members who have been suspended on the suspended tab, and suspend one or more active members by selecting their row's box and clicking Suspend from the More drop-down menu:

Suspended members will remain assigned to existing work in initiatives, content, etc. so that progress isn't lost while it's reassigned to an active member.

How It Works: Remove Members

Admins can also remove one or more members from the Members page of their instance. Select one or more members by selecting their row's box and click Remove from the More drop-down menu:


When you remove a member from your instance, you'll have to reassign the removed member's work in Kapost so that no work gets lost. You can also reassign a member's work when they're active or suspended. Use the More drop-down menu to reassign work from one member to another within the Members page:

Note that only planned and in-progress content and initiatives will be reassigned along with incomplete tasks, completed work will not be reassigned. Reassigning work to another member will also transfer any views, plans, charts, etc. the user had access to. 

Keep in mind:

  • Any content or ideas that were created by a removed member will have a "Removed Member" noted as the creator. Clicking on Removed Member will take you to their user profile.
  • If you click on a link to a removed member's name in your instance (e.g., when you see a linked name in the Creator column in your Content Catalog), you'll be taken to that user's profile but won't be able to edit it.
  • It's not possible to filter searches by a removed user or assign tasks.
  • A removed but then re-added member will not be re-added to their previous work. They will need to be re-added manually once they're reactivated.


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