Mapping custom fields in YouTube (Description, Tags, Categories and Playlists)

To send Descriptions, Tags, Categories and Playlists over to YouTube, you must set them up as custom fields. You will have to add different a custom field for each piece of data you are communicating to YouTube. 

Let's start with the Description. You can title the Display Name anything you would like.  In the image below I have it labeled as YouTube Description. The Field Name is the most important part. This must be titled exactly as kapost_youtube_description. Your descriptions will not be sent over to Youtube if the Field Name is anything different.

Select 'Text' as the Field Type.  I have selected multiline text so that whomever fills this out can have more space to do so. Click the blue button in the custom field to ensure you are saving/ creating any changes.

Note:  Make sure that 'html' is not checked - this should be a regular text field.  If it is an html field, you will get an error when you try to publish.

Repeat the process for Tags, except this time the Field Name must be kapost_youtube_tags. The image below shows what this custom field should look like.

For Categories, you must:

  • turn on custom categories OR create a custom field with the field name set to kapost_youtube_categories
  • you must enter the exact same category names from YouTube (i.e case sensitive => 'Science & Technology' and NOT 'science & Technology').  These are the categories that YouTube accepts: 
  • Film & Animation
    Autos & Vehicles
    Pets & Animals
    Short Movies
    Travel & Events
    People & Blogs
    News & Politics
    Howto & Style
    Science & Technology
    Nonprofits & Activism

​The Categories custom field should be a Dropdown body type, and should look like this:

For Playlists, you must create the playlists in YouTube first. Playlists must have the Field Name: kapost_youtube_playlist. The Field Type can be a Drop down or Multi select. I would choose Drop down if you would only like to put the video into one playlist at a time. Multi select allows you to choose several different playlists at one time to put the video in. The Field Values must match exactly how the Playlists are named in YouTube.

Another important custom field is one that controls your privacy settings.  You can publish as private, unlisted, or public.  To control this in Kapost, create a custom field with field name 
kapost_youtube_privacy with the drop down values: Public, Private, Unlisted.

If you need to change the privacy, change the custom field and republish by clicking "update metadata."  It is also possible to choose your privacy settings without a custom field - read more about that here.

Once you have  these fields saved, you will be able to type in a description and tags for your video in the custom fields you made for these. You will be able to select the playlists you would like the video to appear in. These custom field areas will show up either under attachements if you selected Main Area for location, or under Additional Information if you selected Secondary area of content page.

Once these fields are created they must be assigned to a content type. You can learn how to do that here.


If you have any questions or comments, don't hesitate to email us at [email protected]

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