Integrate with HubSpot

This article will teach you how to integrate your HubSpot account with your Kapost instance.

Go to the App Center in your Settings area.

Scroll down below existing connections and select Install More Apps.

Select the HubSpot icon. 

A pop-up will appear asking for the email and ID associated with your HubSpot account. Learn how to find that here. Fill in the appropriate fields.


Give access to Kapost in HubSpot:

Now your HubSpot account it integrated with Kapost.  To publish to Hubspot, add HubSpot as a Primary Destination to HTML Body Types:

Write your post.  When you are ready to click "publish," you will see HubSpot in the drop down as an available destinations:

Finally, once published, you will be given a URL to the published piece in HubSpot:

Please note: Kapost currently only integrates with version 2 of HubSpot's API.

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