Create Slideshows by Adding Image Galleries

Kapost supports the creation of image galleries (also known as slideshows) inside posts.  To set this up, go to the Settings area, click on the "Content" tab and you'll see an area called "Features."  One of the options in there will a checkbox be called "Galleries."  

Before you get started, you should select the integration you would like to user to publish your slideshow to, as this will determine what types of galleries are available to you.  For instance, one Wordpress connection might only allow you to use the Wordpress Native Gallery,

while another might allow you to use the NextGen Gallery.  Generic gallery will always be available by default.

Once you have selected your Gallery type, you can now begin galleries.  To do so, create a post.  You can insert in your post a gallery, similar to how you would in your CMS.  To insert a gallery, select the gallery icon in the toolbar. 

This will place a placeholder in the post for where the gallery will appear.  If you click "configure" on the gallery placeholder, an area will appear at the bottom of your post where you can upload images.

Scroll down to the bottom of your post to see the slideshow Gallery section.

For each image, you can write a tittle, caption, and fill out custom fields (if you have created them). 

Once you're finished with the gallery and the post, publish the post to your CMS. The Gallery images and text will be arranged in a way that would would see on a post posted directly from your CMS.


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