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Crowdsourcing lets you gather ideas from members and nonmembers of Kapost via a crowdsourcing form. Crowdsourcing forms are accessed using an external. See our example below. 

When someone submits a content idea using the crowdsource form, the idea will flow directly into the Idea catalog of your Kapost instance where you can approve and initiate the content creation process.

The submitter will become a Source in your list of Members. Sources are not licensed members within Kapost. They cannot log-in to Kapost nor can they see any other ideas or posts.

There are many steps involved with setting up crowdsourcing in Kapost. Follow the steps below or reach out to your Kapost Customer Success Manager and they will walk you through the steps.

Part One: Build the Crouwdsouce Form

Begin by creating a crowdsource form content type. Once you create the content type to represent the body of your form, you must create the custom fields to represent the information you'd like to gather. 

Best Practice Tips

  • Make the body type HTML or No Body then let your custom fields represent the different questions you are asking. 
  • Make the workflow have only 1 step: "Change into appropriate content type if necessary" The workflow steps for content creation will be there when you change the idea into the appropriate content type. 
  • Drag and drop the order of the custom fields to display on the form. 


Part Two: Establish Crowdsource Settings

Begin by selecting 'Crowdsourcing' from the navigation menu on the left. 

In the Content To Submit section, specify the content type(s) that will be used to submit ideas. This will be the content types you created to represent your crowdsource forms. Click Save. 

A separate URL for each content type exists in your system. Select the button 'See content type specific links' to display the listing of URLs for the various content types.


Open the link in an incognito (private) window to see from the eyes of a nonmember of Kapost. 

Optional Settings For Crowdsourcing

Limiting Users or Domains

Determining if anyone can submit an idea or if submissions need to be restricted to specific users or domains.

The Users Who Can Submit section in the Crowdsource Settings lets you specify the users or the domains from which you will accept ideas via email. Selecting the button for specific users or domains displays the text box into which you can add specific users or specific domain names.

If you whitelist a specific domain, such as, anyone with an email account that ends with will be able to submit an idea.

If you whitelist a specific users email address, the users email address will be listed below the heading Email address from these domains can submit content. You can always remove a person from this listing by clicking the X to the right of their email address.


Adding HTML Instructions

Choose to enable an HTML area to display idea submission instructions and/or images at the top of the form. (See first image in this article)

Each content type specified in the Content to Submit field can have its own set of HTML instructions and images. Be sure to select the correct content type from the pull down menu before specifying your crowdsource instructions.

First check the box that says 'Enable HTML Area'. 

Then select the correct content type (crowdsource form) from the 'Choose a Content Type' dropdown menu.

Enter text and or images. The image can be no wider that 764px. 

You can preview your crowdsource form by selecting the URL beneath the button that says See content type specific links and opening the form in an incognito (private) browser window.

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