Saving In Settings: Changing Custom Fields and Workflow

Content and Initiative Types
When adding or deleting tasks, you have the option to save those tasks retroactively. In other words, you can save these tasks to content in production or all content that has been created.
Clicking save will display a window where you can select one of these options:
  • Don't update any existing content. Only new content will get the updated tasks
  • Update content that is currently in production. Leave completed content alone 
  • Update all content
Choosing one of the above options will only affect tasks added or deleted retroactively. It will not save tasks modified or switched around. You must save one at a time retroactively. In other words, you must:
  1. Delete tasks unwanted 
  2. Click Update all content
  3. Add tasks wanted
  4. Click update all content

Note: If you add a new task with a smart deadline and or task owner(s), the those items will save retroactively. 

Note: If you delete tasks retroactively, you will loose the owners and deadlines associated to those tasks in existing content. 

What will always be saved retroactively (for all content)

  • Custom fields
  • Display name
  • Field Name
  • Icon/color
  • Body type
  • Publishing and promotional destinations
  • Allowed publishers

​What will never be saved retroactively (for all content)

  • Modifying Tasks/Changing:

    • Naming convention
    • Task order
    • Task owner
    • Smart deadline
    • Task rules


Learn more about your content type settings here

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