Analytics Definitions

Content Asset Stats

Once a piece of content is published, the Content page will display various statistics about that content in the Stats section at the bottom of the individual asset's page. Below are definitions for all of the available statistics on the Content page.  

Note: Not all statistics are available for every Content Type.  i.e. Download statistics are not available on a blog post.

The total number of times the given piece of content was viewed.  Please note, this does not track documents.  To track documents published to Kapost, you need to look at the Download metric.

The total number of times the given piece of content's published URL (unshortened) was shared on Facebook. It counts as a share if:

  • Someone clicks on the Facebook icon on a blog post to like/share the post.
  • Someone then shares that shared post on Facebook.
  • Someone copies and pastes the published URL (unshortened) on their Facebook page.

The number of times Facebook users liked any shared content, or liked any comments or re-shares of that shared content.

The number of times the given tweet was re-tweeted if tweet was published through Kapost. 

The total number of clicks the outbound links in the given piece of content received. Note: Kapost only tracks clicks on links that are shortened using Kapost's link shortener within the HTML text box body of content.

Shortened links that have contributed to your "Clicks on Link" stat.

The total number of times the given YouTube video was viewed.

The total number of times viewers added the given YouTube video to their favorites.

The total number of comments viewers made on the given YouTube video.

The total number of inbound links linking to the given piece of content.

The referrer links that have brought people to your content.

The total number of times the Kapost tracking URL for a Document was clicked. 

New Leads represents the number of times a new Marketo or Eloqua lead viewed the given piece of content.  

  • First Touch: number of times that content was the first piece of content the Marketo or Eloqua lead viewed before becoming a lead.
  • Last Touch: number of times that content was the last piece of content the lead viewed before becoming a lead.

Traffic generated from people clicking content through the generated in the Gallery. The gallery can be sent out through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Email or by copying the directly.

We also offer Analytics on Eloqua Email stats.  For a breakdown of these analytics, click here.

Other Stat Notes:

  • Lag Times: Kapost captures Page Views, Uniques, and Links near realtime.  All other activity (social engagement, downloads, etc.), with the exception of YouTube activity, Kapost captures it 24 hours after it occurs around 2:00 - 4:00am Mountain Time.  Kapost captures YouTube activity two days after it occurs.
  • For information on analytics on archived content, please read this article.

Content Asset Distribution

Content can also be promoted on various social channels like Twitter, Salesforce, and LinkedIn.  If you use Kapost's link shortener to shorten a piece of content's published URL and include that shortened link in your promotional Tweet, Facebook post, etc., Kapost will track the number of clicks that shortened link received and display the number above the appropriate promotion.

To capture clicks on links in promotions, the link must have been shortened using Kapost's link shortener.  Other metrics around promotions like retweets, likes, etc. are also displayed next to the appropriate promotion.

Analytics Custom Reports

See related article here for more information on the Custom Reports page.



For an overview of our Insights App, click here.

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