Integrate with Google Analytics

Kapost has integrated with Google Analytics to allow you to view Google Analytics page view metrics directly in Kapost.  To enable this integration:

  • As an admin, navigate to the Kapost Settings area on the side navigation bar and click App Center. Click Install more apps 

Find the google analytics button and click on it. 

  • After granting Kapost access to your Google Analytics account, select the page views you would like Kapost to pull metrics from. As a note, we only support one view per property and recommend you select a view with no filters. Click save.
  • If you wish to connect to more than one GA account, make sure the user you connect to in Kapost has access to all of the accounts you wish to see.  For instance, the user below has access to both and, so he is able to access Google Analytics for both.


  • After clicking save, Kapost will display your Google Analytic page view metrics for any content published from Kapost to one of the properties you connected to above.  It will also look at content that was published elsewhere, but with a URL manually added as the published URL in Kapost so long as it matches what's in GA.  You can view it on the Stats section of the Content page. Note, for any content published to sites/properties NOT listed in your Google Analytics connection, Kapost will not display page view metrics.

Additional Notes:

  • Google Analytics will only successfully run on Kapost assets that have a content body type of HTML.
  • The first time you connect to Google Analytics, Kapost will capture analytics for all posts during the last six months and moving forward.  Once your GA connection is established, Kapost will only capture Google Analytics metrics on your content from that point forward.  In other words, Kapost will not replace or modify any historical page view data it has already captured on your content.
  • If the URL for a piece of content on a your site does not match the URL we have in Kapost, we will not be able to pull in Google Analytics metrics for that piece of content.
  • There may be a 1-2 day lag while your analytics in Kapost catch up to your analytics in Google.
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