Use SEO On Content

If SEO is enabled in settings you'll see an area on the content page called SEO Information. It is found under Additional Information:

Click the [ + ] to expand the area.  

In the image below, we are editing the SEO information for our destination labeled "SalesPower" (Item 1). The next four fields let you customize the way your post shows up in searches.

  • The HTML Title (Item 2) is the title that would show up in a search engine. This is defaulted to the title of the content. We show a character count of how long your title is; we recommend staying under 72 characters.
  • The Meta Description (Item 3) is the description of your content. We recommend staying under 165 characters for this area.
  • Focus Keywords are the words that you have selected to target (Item 4).
  • If you use Yoast, All-in-One or Genesis you may have Meta Keywords, type you can fill out the field under Meta Keywords (Item 5).
  • We provided a Search Preview which will give you an idea of how  your post would show up in a search engine (Item 6).

Note: HTML Title and Meta Description are the only two required fields.

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