Set a Featured Image from within an HTML Content Asset

The setting to use a Featured Image allows a user inside Kapost to select an image that will be the featured image for that Post.  This indication is then sent to the CMS so the featured image can appear correctly in their theme. 

To begin, go to your settings menu and click "Content."  Once you are in content settings, make sure that the "featured image" box is checked.

Once this is enabled, you can select a featured image inside a CMS post.  To select a featured image inside a post, you must first click on the image.  Once it's selected, a star will appear.  Clicking on the star will designate that image as the featured image in that post. 

Once you indicated what image is your featured image, you now need to send it to your CMS.  This will happen when you publish your post.  For WordPress users, if you don't have the Kapost Plugin installed, your WordPress will not recognize the featured image. 

It is also possible to create a featured image by using an attachment - to learn more, click here.

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