Follow tracking under 'Engagement'

When you shorten a link in kapost, either through the promotion or in social-as-primary, we track the clicks on that link

If you do two different promotions (twitter and FB) of one blog post, we track them separately and show them in the promotion section.

Note: If you generate your's using a website outside of Kapost and use them in a post, Kapost analytics will not work on it - your engagement metrics as well as all other analytics related to that link will show as '0.'

Vanity URL’s - if you shorten a URL that has a partnership with in Kapost AND you have auto-branding turned on for that domain, will recognize the original URL and apply a vanity to the shortened URL that Kapost generates.  Please note, auto-branding is an enterprise level feature in

For information on analytics on archived content, please read this article.

If you have any questions about generating's for social tracking, don't hesitate to send your questions to [email protected] 

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