Export Content

You can export content individually as a PDF for RTF, or you can export content in bulk as a CSV.

Please Note:

  • This export will contain the text of html body types but will not include images or files.
  • You can only do this with admin or editor access.  

To export an individual post, go to the content asset you'd like to export. There is a “More” drop down menu on the top right side of the body of content. Click this and select the file type you would like to export the content as.

To Bulk Export Content Using A CSV:
First, go to the content tab of your instance. Then click the Export button at the top.

You will then get a pop-up message telling you that a CSV file will be generated and sent to your email. See below:

Like bulk importing, you can choose what fields, task, and other content information is exported for each piece of content.  Below is a list of the info that can be exported:

  • Title    
  • Body    
  • Date Created    
  • Categories    
  • Assigned Date    
  • Submit Content Deadline    
  • Publish Content Deadline    
  • Author    
  • Content #    
  • Excerpt    
  • Submission Deadline    
  • Publish Deadline    
  • Published On    
  • Instance    
  • Word Count    
  • Content Body Raw    
  • Next Task Deadline
  • Next Task Deadline Status
  • Content Type
  • Publish Destination    
  • Publish URL(s)  
  • Image
  • All Selected Custom fields (must indicate on the custom field tab in settings by selecting 'Display in content tab column selector')

Please allow more time for bigger CSV files.

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