Firewalls and Whitelisting

When it comes to the integrations Kapost manages, we understand that many customers want to limit access to their websites for security reasons, and have installed firewalls to do so.  

If you require the IP address from where Kapost e-mail comes from (IE any messages coming from your Kapost instance), please contact support. 

One thing firewalls do is protect your various sites from having anything published on them from third parties.  Even though the only people who work on your Kapost instance are part of your company with the authority to publish to your various websites, your Kapost instance is technically a third party software.  This means that the IP address of your Kapost instance needs to be whitelisted to get through your Firewall.

Kapost's IP's are always changing due to being a cloud hosted app.  This sometimes makes normal whitelisting hard, because if you whitelist one of our IP's and info gets sent from another IP, it will still be blocked.

We have a feature in place that makes it so that your particular instance ONLY publishes from one of our IP's, which is  To enable this, talk to your Customer Success Representative. They will need to set up your instance so that it only publishes from

Once your instance has been configured to send from, we need you to whitelist this address. Once you have done this, information coming from Proxy can publish to any CMS on your site.

To access this feature, talk to your account manager or email am at kapost dot com

Questions or comments?  Feel free to email us at [email protected].

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