Gallery - Glossary

Instance: Your company’s custom Kapost URL address.

Content: Any marketing asset you create.

Collection: Grouping of related content assets. For example, you may create a Sales Enablement collection and include all content assets that would assist the sales team with their goals. 

Collection GroupA combination of collections that you create for each location where Gallery is available. For example you may create a Collection Group for Salesforce and another one for an internal website.

Content Type: Powerpoint, Blog Post, Video, etc. Once a content asset is uploaded into Gallery it should be turned into the appropriate content type. The content type dropdown menu is a list of the different marketing assets you produce. Filter by content type to find content more easily. Content types can be adapted for your team. 

Custom Fields (filters): These tags/fields let you capture unique data about your content that is specific to your company’s needs. This data makes it easier to filter, find, and run reports on content. Custom fields can be adapted for your team. Examples: Product Line, Vertical, Region.

Insights: Internal reach metrics that help you understand how your content is being shared internally through the Kapost Gallery.

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