Tips: Getting Gallery Adoption & Usage

Increase Gallery Usage and Content Exposure

  • Host training(s) for your stakeholders: what is Gallery, show team members how to flag favorites, filter only what they want to see, share content, and how content lives and gets inside Gallery.
  • Ask for an executive mandate of roll-out of Gallery, coupled by messaging to introduce the Gallery.
  • Determine a point person for Gallery, to serve as a resource to take feedback, answer questions, and set up Gallery based on company needs.
  • Think about your audience first. Create useful collections by asking different teams what content they need access to and include key members of teams in assessing how your Gallery should be configured.

Quick Tips for Admins

  • Utilize our Getting Started Guide to setup Gallery quickly.
  • Share the Quick Tips for Using Gallery information below with your consumers to get them comfortable using Gallery fast. 
  • Direct users to for help articles on gallery functionality. 
  • Once collection groups are created, share with users.
  • Bookmark collection groups for frequent use.
  • Create rules so you are informed when content should be put in a specific collection.

How Is Gallery and Gallery Content Performing?

Once you’ve actively pushed Gallery in front of your consumers, you can track the progress of internal use through Kapost’s Internal Insights. Set a benchmark to increase internal reach as an organization.


Quick Tips for Using Gallery

Click on a collection card to view a collection.

Search and Filter

Use the Search bar at the top to find exactly what you’re looking for or if you want to find content with a particular word associated with the asset.

Use filters when you’re looking for content in a particular grouping.

Download, View, and Share

Hover over an asset and click View More for more detail (detail below) or click use the icons at the bottom of the tile for quick access. 


Click the Favorite icon  to add the content to your personal favorites folder.

Click the share icon  to distribute content via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Email. 


Note: You must enter the required information once one of the destination icons above is selected.

Click the Download icon  to download the content to your computer.


  • The favorite icon is only available if the user is logged in as an authenticated user of Kapost. 
  • The Share icon is only available if a Kapost Admin has made the asset sharable and there is a URL to be shared. 
  • The Download icon is only available if a Kapost Admin has made the asset downloadable and there is a document to be downloaded. 



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