Gallery Settings - Establish Collection Settings


Settings for a Gallery Collection include the following:

  • Collection Color
  • Collection Description
  • Custom Rules
  • Custom Filters

Establish Settings

To establish Gallery Collection settings, select the collection from the list of available collections and then choose the Settings option in the top right corner of the window.

Collection Color

To change the color of the collection, select the desired color. You will be notified that the change was automatically saved. 

Collection Description

To edit the collection description, expand the section and edit or enter text into the description box. Click save when finished. See below.

Each collection can be configured with custom rules to alert you when relevant content for a collection is added to the Gallery. Notifications are sent when content aligns with a custom rule. Unless automatic permissions exist, you will then have the option to add the content to the Collection or dismiss the alert. 

Each Gallery Collection can be configured with its own set of custom filters that consumers use to filter the display of content assets. Different custom field filters can be used for each Gallery Collection.

Custom Rules

You can establish custom rules to alert you when relevant content for a collection is added to the Gallery. Rules identify the type of content that has been added to the Gallery based on content type or custom field. For example, you can set a rule to alert you whenever a Blog Post content asset is created (content type=blog post).

When more than one rule is established the rules are considered "and" rules meaning that the criteria for rule 1 and rule 2 must match. For example, you can set a rule to alert you whenever a Blog Post with a Region of North America is created (content type=blog post and region=North America).

Steps to Establish a Custom Rule for a Collection:

  1. Select the collection from the list of available collections.
  2. Choose the Settings option.
  3. Click the Collection Rules expand button.
  4. Click on the content type… dropdown menu to choose the content type or custom field you'd like to set the rule for.
  5. Click the dropdown menu below the horizontal line and choose a value for the criteria specified.
  6. To add subsequent rules click the +Add a Rule option and enter the appropriate custom field and value information.

Flip the Auto Add Content switch for the rule to automatically sync content when it is added.

When you create a Collection and establish auto add rules, Kapost evaluates all content to see what fits and it puts it into a collection. When you add new content to Gallery, it's evaluated to be added to Collections where it fits with the Collection's Auto Add Content rules. If you add a new rule to an existing Collection, then Kapost will assess all the content in your Gallery to find any content that fits the new rule to add to the Collection.

However, if you update a metadata tag on content that fits a rule but the content has already been evaluated, then the content won't automatically be added to a Collection where the rule fits because that doesn't trigger the collection to re-evaluate the content. 

If Auto Add Content is not turned on and rules are in place, Kapost will add a bell icon to the collection identified according to the rule. The bell icon signifies that there is unhanded content pending that needs to be approved(added to the collection) or dismissed. 

Once the collection is clicked, you will be taken to the collection's page. The bell icon will disappear once there are no longer unhanded content assets in the collection pending approval.

At the top of the page a message will display. Click Approve All to add the content assets to the collection. Click Dismiss All to make the message and content assets disappear. 

You can also approve or dismiss one content asset at a time.

The unhanded content assets will remain at the top of your content list. This list will only display 50 content assets at a time. If there are more than 50 unhanded content assets, more content will appear once you begin approving or dismissing content. 

For more information on Gallery Auto Add Rules in this article.

Custom Filters

Add custom fields to enable users to narrow their search for content in the collection.

Note: Custom fields must be enabled in Studio Settings before they are available to add in Gallery. Learn how to do this here.

  1. From the Gallery Manage page, select the collection from the list of available collections.
  2. Choose the Settings option.
  3. Click the Custom Filters Expand button.
  4. Select the Main Custom Filters from the 5 pull down menus.
  5. To add more filters, click +Add a Filter under more filters.
  6. Click the close button when you are finished. 

The option is available to limit the values users can filter by. This is useful for a collection where your audience would only need to find content based on a subset of values in certain custom filters. An example may be the Content Type Custom filter. Maybe the audience only cares about eBooks and videos. 

To display a limited set of values select the Customize this list button for the appropriate custom filter. Select the desired values. Click the close button when you are finished. 


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