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The file privacy feature allows you to choose if files stored in Kapost can be shared with non-Kapost members. To access File Privacy Settings, click on Sharing under Settings on the side navigation bar. 


File Privacy 

Uncheck the box titled "Set all attachments and files in Kapost to be private." to allow anyone with the URL to access files uploaded to Kapost. Uploaded files include attachments, documents and videos in the body of content assets, and files stored in image and file type custom fields. 

Doing this will allow non-members easy access to the same files that Kapost members are working on. This will also allow Kapost members to share files that are too large for email. For example, Alice, a Kapost member, copies the URL of an attachment in Kapost and emails it to Bob, who is not a Kapost member. Bob is able to download that document so that he may review it and email comments back to Alice. Bob still does not have access to Kapost, just the file Alice emailed to him.

Check the box titled "Set all attachments and files in Kapost to be private." to make files uploaded to Kapost inaccessible to non-members. If the URL of a file is copied and shared, any person navigating to that URL will be denied access. 

How File Privacy Affects API Access

If you use the Kapost API, you may be accessing files stored in Kapost. For example, blog posts may include embedded images that are stored within Kapost or you might request the document that forms the body of a content asset. If the "Set all attachments and files in Kapost to be private" option in Sharing settings is checked, the API will return a signed Amazon S3 URL for the file. This URL will allow you to access the file temporarily but will expire after a short time. After the URL expires, anyone trying to navigate to the URL will receive an Amazon S3 error message.

Time Requirements

With privacy turned on, Kapost users will be given a special URL to access files that will be live for the following time frames:

  • Kapost uses Amazon's default of 15 minutes for all static files.

  • Streaming URLs are used for streaming embedded videos and will be available for 2 hours. 

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