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Below is a list of some of the most common questions people ask about our Salesforce Integration.  Your best resources for integrating with and using Salesforce are our help articles.  We have one on the Salesforce integration itself and what is needed on the Salesforce end for it to work, and one on posting and promoting to Salesforce through Kapost.

This FAQ does not cover the Salesforce Gallery App.

I published a document to Salesforce and Kapost isn't tracking how often it was downloaded.  Why is that?

When we publish from Kapost to Salesforce, we are actually pushing the document over to Salesforce and then Salesforce stores the document somewhere on it's server and generates a URL to that document. When someone clicks download from Salesforce, Salesforce serves up the document from the Salesforce URL it generated. Since the document is being accessed from that URL, we cannot track downloads. We can only track downloads on clicks that occur on the Kapost Tracking URL.

I integrated with Salesforce and hooked Salesforce up to a content type.  Why am I still getting errors when I publish?

There are a number of permissions and add ons that need to be taken care of before you can publish from Kapost into SFDC.  You can find more detail in our Salesforce Integration Article, but here is a quick rundown of what is needed on the SFDC side to integrate with Kapost.

1. The SFDC API needs to be turned on and the account that is hooked up to Kapost needs to have access to it for this integration to work.  This happens by default in Salesforce Enterprise and can be purchased as an add-on for lower packages.

2.  The API Enabled box needs to be checked under your user's Administrative Permissions.

3.  The Modify All Data box needs to be checked under your user's Administrative Permissions.

4.  The Enable Salesforce CRM Content box needs to be checked under Organization Settings on your Salesforce CRM Content Page.

5. The Salesforce CRM Content User box needs to be checked under the Kapost User's profile.

When I try to integrate Salesforce into Kapost, it automatically tries to integrate with the wrong SFDC instance/user. Why is that?

Kapost us built so that it automatically tries to integrate with whatever Salesforce instance you are currently logged into, using whatever user you're logged in as.  To integrate with SFDC as a different user, do so in an Incognito or Private window.  Incognito/Private windows do not store cookies, so Kapost will ask you to log in using your chosen instance and credentials rather than automatically set you up with what is stored in your browser.

Can I sync Kapost fields with fields and objects in Saleforce?

Yes, you can set up custom fields in Kapost to sync to objects in Salesforce.  Instructions on how to do that are here.

I'm trying to sync Kapost fields with an object in Salesforce but it's not working. Why?

The Salesforce object MUST have the box next to External ID checked off - you can do this by clicking on that custom field and clicking Edit, then checking off the box labeled External ID.

When one of my non-Kapost users views the Kapost Gallery in Salesforce, they get an error saying that they do not have permission to see that page. How do I fix this?

This is happening because that user has their browser set up to block third party cookies and site data.  They either need to change their cookie settings (you can find this in your browser settings under advanced settings) to allow third party cookies, or make Kapost an exception.  Feel free to contact Support if you need help doing this - someone will be able to walk you through this! 


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