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Kapost's new Search functionality allows you to find content faster and more easily with more accuracy and options in one place. Search now allows you to find, reuse, and recover more assets in Studio and search across Content, Initiatives, and Ideas in ways that should increase the potential results you may receive.  

Our goals with the functionality are focused on decreasing the frustration of having to go to multiple places if you want to find an asset. Previously, finding Content, Ideas or Initiatives required you to leave where you were, go to another section of the application, and search which was a lot of additional clicks. With the introduction of the Search icon in the upper right-hand corner of the application, you can now stay where you are and search across your assets in one location. 

Clicking on that icon starts your search experience. The empty text field is ready for your input so start typing. You'll see results automatically start to come in with the type-ahead functionality.

We will continue to be focused on the speed of searching and returning results to you. We know fast search speeds are important to fix the pain of waiting when you are busy. We have separated out the three critical Kapost types in Search: Content in the primary column on the left and Initiatives and Ideas in a secondary column on the right. We wanted to give you the ability to search across multiple areas in Kapost and surface that information in one location. Searching on "about marketing" might bring up a bunch of great Ideas but just a few pieces of Content and one Initiative. We want to keep you in-the-know about everything you have access to and, more importantly, make it easy to find. 

The Search functionality is a complex collection of logic, relevancy, and weighting. As part of our implementation process we indexed the standard Kapost Fields in addition to the many different Custom Fields our customers create on a daily basis.

You can search on the Title of a piece of Content and also in the body of that Content. You can search on Attachment names and even better, you can search in text-containing attachments. Remember that PowerPoint that your colleague created two months ago that had that one awesome sentence you remembered? Search for that sentence and the Content where it lives will be returned to you in our Search.

Tracking which Tiers assets are focused towards in a Custom Field? Search for it! Keeping a lot of your logos and other digital assets in Kapost? Now you can easily find them and reuse.

You need answers and you want them fast. As we continue forward, you'll see more improvements to Search and the functionality expand into other places in Kapost Suite We are discussing Advanced Searching capabilities and different ways we can give our customer's insight into what people are trying to find. 

There are lots of different paths forward with Search in Kapost, but this first increment we felt provided a substantial improvement to our existing experience that we wanted to get it into your hands as quickly as possible. In the spirit of Agile Development mentalities, the team working on Search has been focused on releasing a first valuable increment and then improving it with feedback from this point forward. We hope you enjoy using the new Search functionality in Kapost and we look forward to bringing you more improvements, including Searching in Gallery in the near future. 

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