SFDC Gallery App: All Resources Needed for Admins

The Kapost Salesforce Gallery App

Over 65% of content is never used by sales teams. The Kapost Gallery for Salesforce puts the right content at the fingertips of every sales rep. With the Kapost Gallery for Salesforce you can achieve greater utilization of your content and enable the sales team to deliver a more consistent and compelling experience.  

Using the app allows you to:

  • Make content available where your sales team works daily - Inside Salesforce!
  • Embed the Gallery on Opportunity, Contact, and Lead records making it even easier for your sales team to share content.
  • Easily record what content is shared with leads and contacts. 
  • Generate Salesforce reports to get insight into who is sharing what and when.

Using Content Recommendations within the Kapost Salesforce Gallery App

Content recommendations:

  • Allow you to surface the most relevant content for every prospect by easily mapping buying stages, personas, regions, or any other Kapost content fields with Salesforce Contact, Lead, or Opportunity fields.
  • Give your sales team instant recommendations on the best content to use for every Lead, Contact or Opportunity.
  • See what content is trending across your sales team, what content has been shared already with prospects or opportunities and keep a personal record of your favorite content so you can keep coming back. The Kapost Gallery for Salesforce makes it fast and easy to find the most impactful content for every prospect.

See the SFDC Gallery App from the end user perspective:

Resources for Installing:

  1. Connect your Kapost Instance to your SFDC Account - You will need this if you plan on using Recommendations within the app.  You must be connected to to the same SFDC account in Kapost as well as where you install the SFDC Gallery App. 
  2. Install the SFDC Gallery App and Set Permissions
  3. Configure SFDC to make the Gallery App show up in Contacts, Leads, and Opportunities
  4. Inform Your SFDC Users on how to setup the Kapost Gallery as a Personal Tab
  5. Setup Content Recommendations

Resources for End Users:

Resources for Admins on how to setup your Kapost Gallery for your audiences:

Things to note:

  • Please make sure you follow every step in the instructions closely when installing the App. It's very hard to trouble shoot any missing step.
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