Calendar Filters And Saved Views

What Is This Feature?

Your Kapost calendar stores all your important dates in one place. Quickly view content deadlines, status updates on workflow tasks, and other calendar filters to make sure you and your team have full visibility into your content operation. 

How It Helps

Customize your calendar to see what's most relevant to you, and choose to share saved calendar views with individuals or groups who also need that information. Filter the calendar to see important dates and deadlines, and use this criteria to create saved view for yourself and team members. See the calendar best practice guide here

How It Works

Find options to clear all filters or select filters to add above the calendar. Clicking on "Clear filters" will clear any filters applied to the calendar view. The Filters button shows how many active filters are on a calendar view at a glance. Click on the Filters button to access the filters available, along with tasks and milestones. 

To remove an active filter from a view, click the X in the Active filters area:

To add a filter, use the drop-down menus to select the information you want the calendar to display. The selections you make will automatically update the calendar.

Please note: The Archived filter lives under the status filter in the calendar and content catalog. Unlike other status filters, you must use it as a stand-alone filter. It is not possible to filter archived content along with content that is not archived. (E.g. you can filter for both Published and Promoted content at the same time, but not Archived and Promoted.)

In the same way, to add a Task or Milestone, use the drop-down menus to select the information you want the calendar to display. Tasks and Milestones refer to important dates on your content:  A Task on the calendar is a deadline specified in your workflow (i.e. Submit Content, Publish or Mark as Complete, etc.); a Milestone is an important date associated with your content, such as the date it was created, submitted, published, or promoted. The selections you make will automatically update the calendar.

Use the legend icon on the top righthand side of the calendar to display a color-coded legend that differentiates categories within your filters. Select the color-coded criteria to toggle them on and off. 

To create or edit a Calendar Saved View, select the filters you'd like to apply to your calendar view, then click "Save as New" to give your Calendar Saved View a name and assign it a color.

Kapost best practice: Group your calendar Saved Views by color to organize them by topics like theme, team, or category.

The default setting for your calendar Saved Views is private (only viewable by you, the owner), however you can manage access to the calendar Saved Views you create. Find information on manage access functionality here.



Some commonly used calendar views are:

  • The Editorial “Go Live” Calendar: Filter to display your “go live” or “publish” dates on all of your content. This view communicates what content will be available and when to relevant stakeholders.
  • The Initiative Calendar: Display key initiative dates, such as beginning or end date, for your initiative, and any time updates are made in Kapost they are immediately reflected on the calendar. 
  • The Visibility Calendar on Specific Workflow Tasks: Display a key date that represents a handoff to specific team such as create services or legal. This allows these teams to anticipate their workload and together you can set expectations on SLA's and turn-around times.  
  • The Events Calendar: Display key event dates so that the entire team knows when your organization is in the field. Multi-day events are reflected on the calendar as a span across days. Create saved views of regional or corporate events and share with appropriate stakeholders.

Find more resources on the Kapost Calendar here



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