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This article lists all of the resources needed to integrate your Marketo account with Kapost.

Using Kapost and Marketo together allows you to include emails and landing pages in your planning process, workflows and collaboration. 

We see most customers use this integration as follows:

  1. The content creators plan and collaborate on the copy and details of emails and landing pages in Kapost.
  2. After content creation and collaboration is complete, a Marketo user will pull the relevant details from Kapost and build an email or landing page in Marketo.
  3. Once the email or landing page is activated in Marketo, a Kapost user will pull the asset back into Kapost to show the final asset for review and as a record.  

Once integrated, users will be able to:

  • Pull view-only Marketo emails and landing pages into Kapost during the content creation/approval process. 
  • Send themselves test emails.
  • Add Marketo emails and landing pages to the Kapost Gallery.

Setup Marketo in Kapost

Start by connecting your Marketo account in the Kapost app center. The linked help article provides a step-by-step walkthrough of the integration and authentication process for Marketo.

Once you're integrated with Marketo in the app center, the next step is to make sure you have a content type for Marketo Emails and Marketo Landing Pages. Most likely you already have content types for both from the initial setup of your Kapost instance but if you do not, here is where you can learn how to setup a content type

The next thing to do is to ensure that your Marketo account is assigned as a primary destination on your Marketo content types. 

Begin Using Marketo Integration in Kapost

Now you can work on your Marketo assets within Kapost.  The linked help article will explain how to:

  • Pull view-only Marketo emails and landing pages into Kapost
  • Send test emails
  • Approve your assets when they are completed

Learn to add completed assets to the Kapost Gallery here.  

Marketo FAQs


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