Stages vs Statuses In Kapost

Understanding Stages

The different Stage definitions are listed below. Click here for more information on Content and Initiative Stages. 

Planned means the content asset or initiative will be worked on in the future and the creation process has not yet started. When you create a content asset or initiative, the asset is considered "Planned" in Kapost.

In Progress means the creation process has started. The stage will automatically switch from Planned to In Progress when you check off the first task in the workflow. You can also update the stage manually. 

Complete means the content asset or initiative is complete and the creation process is finished. When all of the tasks are checked off in a workflow, Kapost will automatically ask if you'd like to set the stage to complete. You can also update the stage manually.

Understanding Statuses

Statuses only apply to content assets in Kapost and are related to the state the content is in (e.g. Published, Unpublished, Promoted, Archived.) To see content statuses you can filter the content catalog in Kapost.  Steps to filter based on status:

  1. Click on the content catalog from the side navigation bar within Kapost.
  2. Click the Filter icon.
  3. Click the content details tab.
  4. Select a content status.

Published means that the content asset has been published from Kapost. You must click the publish button on an individual asset and publish it to a destination or publish the asset manually for the asset to be considered "Published." 

Unpublished means the content asset has not yet been published from Kapost.

Promoted means the content asset has been promoted from Kapost. To promote an asset you must click on the button for the correct promotional destination under the Promotion section of an individual asset.

Archived means the content has been archived within Kapost. Learn more about archiving content here

Please note: The Archived filter lives under the status filter in the calendar and content catalog. Unlike other status filters, you must use it as a stand-alone filter. It is not possible to filter archived content along with content that is not archived.

Example: You can filter for both Published and Promoted content at the same time, but not Archived and Promoted.

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