Supporting Attachments

In Studio, you can add supporting attachments on assets in Kapost to aid in content creation. In many cases, there will be nothing in the body of the content asset until late in the creation process. The supporting attachments area provides a place for you to attach supporting materials.

Watch a video tutorial on using attachments or learn more about uploading files to Kapost here.


Possible supporting attachment use cases:

  • Upload a script for a video or webinar that needs to be approved or seen by other content creators.
  • Upload the creative brief for a project for visibility.
  • Upload supporting images to help the design process.

Other details included in supporting attachments:

  • Image thumbnail
  • Title of file
  • Time of upload
  • User who uploaded the attachment
  • Icons to download or delete
  • Images can all be uploaded as supporting attachments for blogs and can be specified as featured images. The title and caption text can be specified by clicking the edit icon.

Image details can be edited and would display next to the image in a published blog post. 

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