Product Update: Browser Download Default (January 2018)

Kapost supports the latest versions of Chrome and Firefox (along with other major browsers), and we regularly make updates when these browsers make changes. 

Recently, Chrome changed how files download: If Chrome can provide a preview of a file, the browser opens a preview of the file in the same window you're in (rather than initiating a file download or opening the file in a new tab or window). This caused Kapost attachments to open in the same window rather than automatically downloading, so Kapost made updates to make downloading files in Studio simple and keep you in your Kapost instance.

Now, when you’re working in Studio and ready to download a piece of content, the file will open as a preview in a new browser tab when you click the download icon, rather than opening in the same window and taking you away from your Kapost instance.

To download the file using Chrome or Firefox: Once your file preview opens in your browser tab, right click and download the file to your preferred destination. 

If the file can’t be previewed in the browser you are using, it will be downloaded rather than opening in a new tab.

Alternately, you can download the content from Kapost directly by right clicking the download icon and selecting “Save Link As…” or by right clicking the content and then selecting “Save Link As…”

There are still some browser-specific settings that might still impact how your files download. If you encounter this or have any other questions, please contact [email protected] or submit a support ticket.


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