Integrate with Sprinklr

Why Connect to Sprinklr

Sprinklr is is a social media management platform providing services like social media marketing and advertising, and content management.

Kapost integrates with Sprinklr so you can streamline the social promotion of the content you produce in Kapost by publishing content from Kapost directly to Sprinklr’s asset manager.

How to Connect to Sprinklr

To connect to Sprinklr, find the Sprinklr app in the Kapost App Center and select your instance.


Click install and follow the Sprinklr authentication flow to authorize the user who will be recognized as the content creator. All content published from Kapost to Sprinklr will be attributed to this user as the creator.


To specify which users or groups in your Kapost instance can publish and promote content to Sprinklr, Admins can use Publish Permissions in the app connections in the app center in Kapost. Click on Manage Publish Access for the integration you want to apply Publish Permissions to and select the users or groups in the modal that appears.

How to Configure and Use Sprinklr

Once connected, a Kapost admin will need to add Sprinklr as a primary publishing destination to the content types that users should be able to publish to Sprinklr. This can be done from the content types settings page in Kapost.


You can publish the following content types to Sprinklr:

  • Any file
  • Document
  • Video
  • Photo
  • Image
  • Audio

Kapost Admins can also define the following Sprinklr custom fields in Kapost:

  • To override the “Post Title,” create a custom field with the field name “sprinklr_title”
  • To provide a description for the content asset, create a multiline text custom field with the field name “sprinklr_description”
  • If you do not want to use CMS tags to specify tags for the content asset, create a drop-down or multi-select custom field with the field name “sprinklr_tags”

To use “Sprinklr Custom Fields” as defined in Sprinklr, set the field name in Kapost using this pattern: sprinklr_5515eddf6687eb2d72000001 (where the prefix is “sprinklr” and the field name from Sprinklr is "5515eddf6687eb2d72000001”).

When you’re ready to publish from Kapost to Sprinklr, you can publish the content as “Draft” or “Live.” Publishing content as “Draft” means that the content will be uploaded but not externally distributed, while publishing as “Live” will be set as an approved state.

Republishing a content asset will update its metadata (its description, custom fields, etc.), but not the content itself within Sprinklr.

Please contact [email protected] or reach out to your Kapost CSM with any questions about integrating with Sprinklr.


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