Publish Permissions

What Is This Feature?

Publish Permissions are how Kapost Admins manage which users or user groups in your instance can publish and promote content to specified destinations. 

You can add multiple publish destinations to a content type and manage them so that the correct team members are publishing content to target channels. Manage your Publish Permissions via the app connections in the app center in Kapost.

How It Helps

Your Publish Permissions help you facilitate multiple, distinct teams collaborating and sharing resources in one platform while ensuring accountability for content publishing.

When you have more than one team operating in the same platform, each team may have its own publish systems but also need to share a similar content type in order for important Kapost settings and features like taxonomy definition, filtering, and Insights to be easy to use for all teams in an instance. Publish Permissions allows you to manage that diversity. This feature also allows you to manage security parameters on your content by preventing users from publishing to systems other than their own. 

Picture this scenario: 

Two teams at a company that are working in Kapost produce blog posts, and while their workflow for the blogs are identical and they'll want to track the same metadata for blogs, each team has their own CMS. Because of this, the teams might encounter a problem stemming from publishing to the wrong CMS. With the ability to manage Publish Permissions, Kapost Admins can eliminate any confusion around the teams' CMS by defining the publish destination specific to each team.

Best Practices

  • Use groups when establishing Publishing Permissions to allow selected people to publish making it easy to onboard new team members into that group. With this, Kapost Admins only need to add the new team member to that group with the correct permissions, rather than needing to remember to update permissions by adding individuals.
  • Depending on your organizational structure, it might make sense to designate permissions to only one person to a specific publish destination for ultimate accountability, so you know exactly who is responsible for publishing content to a certain channel.  

How It Works

To manage your Publish Permissions, click on the settings cog icon in the lefthand navigation column in your instance and click through to the App Center.

In the App Center you'll see the apps you're connected to, your destination groups, and publishing settings. (Visit the App Center website here.)

When you're adding or editing your destination groups, your destination options are the apps you have already connected from Kapost. 

Each of the apps you're connected with will have a Manage Publish Access button on the righthand side of their row. Clicking this icon will open a modal that enables you to see and select which users or user groups can publish and promote content to the specified destination. The edit icon next to the Manage Publish Access button allows you to rename, save, reconnect, or remove a publish destination. 

For each publish destination, only the specified individuals or groups of users will be able to publish and promote content there.

Remember to click the green Update button to save your changes.

You'll see similar manage access functionality throughout the Kapost platform. Read this article on managing access for more information.


Please get in touch with your Kapost CSM if you need assistance setting up and managing your permissions.



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