September 19, 2018 Product Updates

Your latest Kapost product updates are here, including a feature to help the B2B marketers who use Kapost better align with their sales teams and a brand new catalog in Studio to enable teams to align on their to-do lists.

That’s not all: Kaposters have a new resource in the Kapost Integrations Team!

Here’s what’s new:

  • The age-old struggle of marketing-sales alignment to achieve a better customer experience doesn’t have to be a struggle with Bundles. Bundles enable customer-facing team members to create and share targeted content journeys with multiple pieces of content to drive faster, higher quality engagements (minus email attachments).
  • Arriving in beta is Task Catalog. Think of it as your task command center. Let your Kapost CSM or project lead know that you want to use Task Catalog in beta and provide feature feedback!
  • The Kapost Integrations Team has assembled! Our newest in-house team was created to support your custom integration questions.

This improved ability to align and stronger integration support mean that you’re better equipped than ever to leverage Kapost to build and manage your content operation.

Read on for more details!


Why does Tiago at GE Power find so much value in using Bundles?

Consider these stats:

  • Most B2B buyers prefer a self-guided journey, no matter how creative your sales team’s emails are.
  • 55% of marketers we surveyed don’t know which content assets their sales team uses.
  • When customer-facing teams are trying to find the perfect piece of content to share, it’s difficult to locate or it’s actually unusable.


Bundles is a Gallery feature that was designed with these facts in mind.

Bundles enables you to create a targeted content journey—and track engagement—when they’re shared with customers and prospects via a microsite.

Plus, we hear from B2B marketers who use Kapost that one of their biggest challenges is syncing with sales and understanding what content they share with prospects. This was a challenge that we at Kapost face also—and it’s now one we can all conquer with Bundles: It’s now easy for your sales team to find and share content from a single repository.

And, who doesn’t like data?

Bundles deliver insights via the Kapost API so that you can analyze how content in them performs. You’ll be able to compare Bundles’ performance against one another to find the winning recipe of content to send to key personas and glean consistent data on content use to improve coordination and collaboration between sales and marketing—all boiling down to improving customer experience.

We hope you don’t miss sending an email with multiple attachments, because you can use Bundles instead so nothing gets lost in busy inboxes.

Launching in beta is the Kapost Task Catalog.

Think of this catalog as your task command center.

Along with the Ideas, Content, and Initiatives Catalogs in Kapost, one of the most requested features was a catalog for tasks on content and initiatives—so we’re especially excited to be developing it!

The Task Catalog is a central space where you can hone in on the tasks on your to-do list, as well as the tasks your team is working on.

You’ll see familiar catalog controls like Saved Views and Manage Access, so you can customize your task catalog to see exactly what you want, when you want it.

Talk to your Kapost CSM or project lead if you'd like to use Task Catalog in beta!

Established this quarter, you now have the Kapost Integrations Team to support the integrations in your content operation.

For the B2B marketers who use Kapost, we know that integrations play a critical role in your MarTech stack.

The Kapost Integrations Team is here to facilitate the inputs and outputs between the different systems you use in your content operation. This includes more than 30 integrations currently supported in the platform and a new process to explore any custom integrations you’re interested in.

Let your Kapost Customer Success Manager or Implementation Manager know if you have any questions or custom integrations needs.


In addition, there are several other product updates to know about:

  • We’re launching the Kapost Guide Center as a new in-app element to give you the latest product updates and content. You’ll see the Guide Center appear as a small, round Kapost logo in the bottom right corner of your screen. Check it out for release notes and (coming soon) more how-to help when you need it.
  • You have a new “View in Gallery” button in the Gallery section when you’re viewing content in Studio. Use this button to see the content details in Gallery, and then quickly return back to the Studio view.
  • Your default initiative view will be the content tab (unless it’s your first time entering the initiative, in which case you’ll first land on the details tab).
  • The activity feed on your Content can now be sorted to view only comments, only activity, or both comments and activity:


  • We let you know that we deprecated functionality to support content scoring. While this feature is no longer available, we offer technical consulting services to help customers who’d like to implement content scoring as part of their business objectives in their content operation. Let your Kapost CSM know if you’d like to learn more.


Share your product feedback through the product feedback form, and submit a support ticket if you need technical help.


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