Task Catalog (Beta)

What Is This Feature?

*The Task Catalog is currently in beta. Please reach out to your Kapost CSM if you would like to use and provide feedback on this feature.

Task Catalog in Studio helps you manage your content and initiative tasks. Think of it as is your command center in Kapost for keeping track of your team’s and your to-do list, with powerful functionalities like creating Saved Views and manage access.


How It Helps

The Task Catalog is a space where you can immediately see the tasks you and your team members are working on, so you can pinpoint the projects that require your attention.

Your Task Catalog will tell you which tasks are upcoming or overdue and the tasks that are missing an assignee or a deadline. And it will even reinforce when you’re ahead of schedule.

Best Practices

  • Bookmark your go-to Task Catalog Saved View as your Kapost homepage. This way, you can bypass your dashboard and land here instead when you log into Kapost, and you’ll land in an action-oriented part of the platform.  
  • If you’re managing teams in Kapost, create Saved Views and then share them with your team in order to streamline what everyone is working on. You’ll be able to keep track of team progress and any roadblocks that need to be removed.
  • Columns are a terrific way to see important information in the Task Catalog. Select the Parent Title column to see if a task is for a content or an initiative, and use the link there to navigate directly to the content or initiative.
  • Admins, we know you care about the analytics and cleanliness of your system. Use the Task Catalog  to see tasks that don’t have any owners, which can cause bottlenecks in processes and negatively impact your metrics. Use the filters or Unassigned or Incomplete Tasks, then use bulk actions like assigning tasks to make sure no task gets left behind.

How It Works 

Navigate to Task Catalog via the checkbox icon in your left-hand navigation.


In your Task Catalog, adjust what you see by selecting the columns and filters that appear.  

Note that you have four default views which are designed to provide helpful, at-a-glance information. These are: Your Incomplete Tasks, your home default view; All Incomplete Overdue Tasks; All Incomplete Unassigned Tasks; Your Next Tasks. 

Columns you select will appear immediately in the catalog.

  • You can choose which order columns appear in a view: Columns will appear in the order you select them.
  • You can click through to the content or initiative the task is on from the task catalog.


Filters you select will also appear immediately in the catalog.  

Find the filters that best help you find the information that you need.

  • Choose Filter by Task Status and apply the Incomplete & Up Next filter to see what tasks are up next in the workflow and should be completed next.
  • Filter by Task Deadline and then select to view Rolling dates, Overdue tasks, or apply a date range to view.
  • Filter by Task Assignees to group team members and see the tasks on their list.


Set up Saved Views to quickly see the information you need, when you need it. Then, use Manage Access if you’d like a team member or group in your organization to be able to see that view.

You can perform some bulk actions in Task Catalog using the More drop-down menu. The options you see in this menu depend on your permission and role in Kapost.



You can export your catalog as a CSV sent to your email inbox.

If you use Task Catalog in beta, we’d love to hear the creative ways you put it to use! Share your feature feedback with us so we can incorporate it as we continue developing this catalog.

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